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Lynburn Primary tackle the Pars health programme

Lynburn Primary tackle the Pars health programme.

The Pars Tackle Health programme visited Lynburn Primary School recently with DAFC star Joe Cardle.

Learning about the life of a professional footballer Joe shared experiences of healthy eating and drinking of lots of water that help him prepare for games.

The kids then grilled Joe with some great questions during a Q+A session before heading out for some football skills during a practical session.

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Lynburn Primary School
The visit was very well prepared and we knew what to expect, thanks to the information received in advance. Our pupils enjoyed the Q&A session and listening to the players talking about their daily routine. Their answers relating to health were very helpful, especially with regard to energy drinks. We’ve had only a few issues since. All pupils were engaged, took part in the practical session and enjoyed it, including some who rarely participate in PE. The coach established a good rapport with the children and they responded well to his commanding voice.

The children were delighted with their complimentary match tickets and were all talking excitedly about the game on the following Monday – a great opportunity which most of them had never experienced.

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