Pars Foundation

Sensory Packs

The Pars Foundation are delighted to launch their autism sensory packs ensuring that no fan is left behind.

We understand that for someone with autism and their family, coming to watch The Pars could be overwhelming and stressful. The noise, lights and smells, as well as the uncertainty of what to expect, could cause anxiety. We want to reduce the barriers that prevent fans from coming along to KDM Group East End Park, with the introduction of our sensory packs we hope that this will reduce the stresses which have previously prevented those with autism and neurodiversity attending matches.

Fans can book their sensory packs by emailing the packs can be collected from the club shop on a Friday before the match or Match Day. Packs will be available for DAFC V Inverness on Saturday 18th November.

A stadium walk round can also be organised in advance of the game so that those who are booking out the packs can familiarise themselves with the stadium before the game. The packs will include:
- Pars Foundation branded noise cancelling headphones
- Pars Foundation Sticker
- Pars Foundation Branded Medal
- Autism awareness lanyard
- Football poppit
- Football Stress ball
- Clip Board with activity sheets
- Colouring in pens

Yvonne Greig who’s daughter Kaitlin will benefit from the packs said:
Having the sensory pack will allow us to to watch the football together as a family whilst keeping Kaitlyn entertained at the same time and make her feel included, involved and comfortable at a football match , ear defenders are a must and any fidget toys or drawing stuff is a fantastic distraction. Well done the pars.

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