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Cowdenbeath PS visit

A visit from Primary 6/7

Although all the players are away as its end of season, the class enjoyed their tour, and especially liked it when the sprinklers came on while we were outside!

"Primary 6/7 were a credit to our school today. Our children were fascinated by CCTV and the security systems! We had a thorough input on jobs at DAFC, well-delivered, great fun and great learning in th best trip we’ve had!” Class teacher

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Pupil comments

“I enjoyed the cctv camera because we zoomed in on my friend who was fdoing a funny dance int he stand!”

“I definitely recommend the tour - the boy who took us round was great. His name was Stuart”

“We didn’t realise so much happened to make a match happen”

“I’ve never been to a football match but want to come to East End Park for thr next one”

Absolutely brilliant.

I had loads of fun and learned a lot about jobs.

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